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Smiling Faces at Ranthambore hotels

Jungle Cave is the best place to visit among all Ranthambore hotels, the most memorable ones" is our top-most priority. For that, we strive to put in an extra effort just to see your smiling faces!

Our well-mannered staff interacts politely with the visitors and take care of all their demands. Well-planned scheduling, quick services, less waiting time without any compromise on quality is some of the major things that you can expect from us.

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Camp Fire

Luxury & Comfort Reminiscent

Creating a cave in a jungle - Jungle Cave - is by no means an easy process. A combination of indigenous plants and shrubs must be combined with species from dry deciduous regions that can coexist peacefully without appropriating the resources of the other. The love and backbreaking effort that has made “Jungle Cave” a retreat of verdancy, beauty, and culture can be felt in every detail.

A luxurious hotel in Ranthambore - Jungle Cave, a brilliant beacon of hospitality, is a jungle location turned into a conscientious luxury delight to be enjoyed thoughtfully.

Our lavishly designed deluxe rooms and luxury tents are going to steal your hearts and never let you leave this place! The architectural expression is inspired by indigenous wisdom. Styled to reflect the royal lifestyle of Rajputana, borrows generously from the land's sustainable practices and generously gives back, supporting villages and communities around it through gainful employment and partnerships, transforming into a green oasis not only for visitors from far but also for nearby families.

Ranthambore hotels delicious Jungle Cave Cuisine

Much of Rajasthan is a desert, but serendipity set it down, with caravans from farther places passing through these regions, bringing their goodness of spices, herbs, and other ingredients that have enhanced Rajasthan's culinary treasure. Added to that, the people's passionate and open-arm friendliness produced heaven on earth for visitors from all over the world. This tradition is being honored and enhanced today, with aficionados going to partake in the splendor of this historic cauldron.

Most popularly known in the range in Ranthambore hotels is the restaurant in Jungle Cave Resort. Visitors crave for savoring the authentic taste of our multi-cuisine buffet food. We prepare food from freshly harvested vegetables and dairy products from our farm. The daily fresh menu is served to the customers. Special dishes can also be prepared on demand by them. We prepare all the foods in refined oil and proper hygiene is maintained by our staff while cooking.

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Swimming Pool

Our hotel's swimming pool is the best among all Ranthambore hotels, Whether you want to relax or just want to play in the pool, Jungle Cave Resort takes care of all your demands. Our swimming pool is well-maintained and recurrently cleaned to maintain hygiene. It has sufficient lighting in access areas and is free from any defects. The place is safe and secured so that you can enjoy it to the fullest without any fear. As the pool is 35 ft*40 ft in dimensions, there is plentiful space to accommodate the crowd as well. The swimming pool is well designed at its place so that the swimmer gets the shadow from dense trees but also can relish the mild sun rays.

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Amazing Folk Dances of Ranthambore

Rajasthan, India's royal state, is famed for its rich cultural past and is recurrently referred to as "the country of kings and queens." Rajasthani folk programs are also a cultural experience.

They are not only visually alluring, but they also narrate stories in an exceptional and captivating manner. There are several folk dance genres, each conveying a different narrative, such as Ghoomar, Kalbeliya, Bhavai, Kathputli, and so on.

Attending a folk dance performance is one of the things you should do if you ever visited a Hotel in Ranthambore.

The fast drum beat and dazzling costumes will transport you to the past. Gestures and body language will be used to tell stories, using fluid motions that can be elegant or powerful depending on the mood of the narrative. Music, singing, and clapping sounds convoy them. This elevates them to the level of remarkable compositions. Evenings at The Jungle Cave Resort start with melodious folk programs. The aura of campfire and folk music triumphs the hearts of the audience.

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Indoor/ Outdoor Games

Taking a respite from your daily routine is indispensable, especially while staying at The Jungle Cave Resort, Ranthambore. Besides all Ranthambore hotels, Its indoor activities include badminton, Cards, Carrom, and many more are the best place to play games. We have a wide range of outdoor games like football, volleyball, cricket and many more. So choose what appeals to you the most and begin your unforgettable holiday at The Jungle Cave Resort.

Football- Spinning the rods in the fast-paced tabletop quasi-soccer and quasi-football game is a lot of fun.

Carrom- Be an expert at angles and speed. Give it your all and show all you've got!

Power Cricket- At our new power cricket zone, you may perfect your Cover Drive, Cut Shot, and Pull Shot.

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Enjoy Camel Cart Ride in Ranthambore

Exploring the royal state of Rajasthan aboard the "Ship of Desert," the camel, is one of the greatest ways to see Ranthambore. Camel rides in Rajasthan are one of the most essential aspects of tradition.

Rajasthan tours are not complete without watching sand turning golden with sunshine and occupied with silver in the moonlight on camelback, which is famous for its colorful streets and folk art on the walls, rich culture, and tradition.

Camel rides are an exciting way to experience Ranthambore's natural beauty. This adventurous voyage on a camel's back is going to be a lot of fun. Exploring the Ranthambore National Park on a camel will be imprinted in your hearts forever, and you will remember the incredible experience for the rest of your life. Consider the image of the lovely sun rising from one of the most spectacular horizons. Going on a camel's back early in the morning in Ranthambore around 5 a.m. may be amazing.

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