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"Take a piece of India home with you by purchasing these colorful and brilliant handicrafts as souvenirs and presents."
women empowerment

Local Handicrafts as a source of women empowerment

Ranthambore's area, Sawai Madhopur, is well-known for its handicrafts. These handicrafts, made with passion and care by local crafts specialists, are ideal mementos and presents to take back home.

If you are in Ranthambore on a tiger safari trip, you should also take advantage of the chance to learn about Rajasthan's culture and customs.

The streets of Sawai Madhopur have a thriving shopping scene where travelers may find some magnificent locally manufactured things. These handicrafts and souvenirs are ideal gifts to take back home since they are painstakingly crafted by hand and created with the local elements in mind. As you travel through the handicraft area, you will be charmed by the rural women across the courtyards of local craft businesses, effortlessly creating enamoring works of art. The local art and crafts business has led another progress in women empowerment of rural area.

block printing art

Block Printing Art

Have you ever wondered how printed clothing and textiles are created? Patterns on cloth had to be created by hand long before large industrial machines churned out fabric! This was accomplished in part through the use of a technique known as block printing.

Though Rajasthan is well-known for its block prints, the state itself is diverse. The art of block printing has been adapted by various towns to create their own distinct style. Block textiles, for example, are frequently made in Bagru using pale beige fabric. The fabric was dyed a distinctive beige colour by soaking it in a solution of Fuller's earth and turmeric. Bagru fabrics frequently feature geometric prints in black, red, and maroon that stand out against the fabric's earthy background. The black colour is made from iron filings from worn-out horse or camel shoes, the red colour is made from gum paste and alum, and the maroon colour is a combination of the two.

Many village families rely on block printing as a source of income. Traditionally, men created block prints, but there has been a significant increase in women printers in recent years, providing an income for the entire family.

The skill of these talented artisans, as well as the community's involvement; men, women, and children taking pride in their beautiful hand-printed textiles, are keeping the tradition alive while also adapting to global tastes.

block printing art
Ranthambore School of Art

Ranthambore School of Art

The Ranthambore School of Art is located not far from Sawal Madhopur. The conflict between conservation concerns for endangered animals and the need to preserve the lives of tribal communities in Ranthambore is addressed here. Many villages were forced to relocate outside of ecologically critical tiger habitats, causing widespread disruption in local life. At the Ranthambore School of Art, students paint the images to emphasise the importance of maintaining a healthy ecological system. They draw tigers as a tribute to this endangered species. Students from the school also go to nearby villages to educate people about the importance of wildlife conservation.

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